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How beginners learn the guitar - The 8 by 8 method

  Learn 8 chords and keeping in mind what the Americans say "KISS" i.e. Keep it simple stupid. Then loosley follow the learning prcess set out below.


New learners will go through a tried and trusted route as follows:

1                     Learn 8 chords.

2                     Start by strumming only down strokes.

3                     Learn to change between the chords.

4                     Introduce up strokes and a pick to the strumming patterns.

5                     Learn any number of songs that contain two or three chords. Remember countless well known songs are written with 4 chords or less.

6                As the lessons progress we can move on to other techniques. Professional musicians know learning an instrument is something they do over a lifetime - there is always another technique or level of   theory to master.

7                    At all times go at your own pace – This is supposed to be fun.

8            Play songs from song sheets widely available free on the internet

 I play along with the student until their confidence and technique reaches a level where they might want to 'break free'


What do you need to play the guitar?

1                  Well a guitar is always handy. If you haven’t got one then speak to me before buying. Guitars vary in sizes, width of the neck etc. I have been buying equipment for 40 years and have a good idea of how I can help.

2                  You will need a tuner. I use and recommend Snark SN5 digital tuners because they are so visual and good for everybody including new starters - Snark SN5 Link

3                   A Capo - The basic chords can then be played all over the neck while the student concentrates on chnging between cjords quickly and accurately - Planet Waves NS Capo Link


I keep both tuners and capos in stock which I sell at cost if you decide to take lessons.


I can't control this because it's down to you. If you wanted to learn to drive a car and were only prepared to practice driving for 5 or 10 minutes a week then how long would it take to learn to drive? OK cars and guitars are different. However when I taught both my children to drive. I took them out for an hour every other day – sometimes more. They both passed their tests within 3 months. The key was that they both really wanted to learn to drive.

I would hope that anyone wanting to learn the guitar would want to pick it up for at least 10 – 15 minutes 2 – 3 times a week. More if they wanted to progress quickly.