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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are thinking about learning the guitar then you may find the answer to your question below.
If not, then please text, email or simply call me.
How much are guitar lessons?
Standard lessons are 20.00 for 45 minutes although lesson lengths can be increased or decreased by arrangement. 
Can you be too young or old to learn guitar?
You are never to old to learn. At the other end of the scale I would recommend 7 or 8 years old is probably the lower limit. Although this very much depends on the child. A high degree of commitment or a youngster who is large for their age can be exceptions. There are some physical limitations i.e. holding the guitar or enough strength to push the strings against the fretboard. 3/4 and 1/2 size guitars with light gauge strings can help here.
Do you teach bass guitar?
I have played bass guitar in a number of bands but I don't have the set up for it
How long should my lessons be?
I recommend a 45 minute lesson once a week to start but if it becomes clear that this is not appropriate for the student then lesson length or number of lessons per week will be adjusted. I have very keen students who want two 30 minute lessons a week and others who suit a 90 minute lesson every two weeks. For younger children I suggest 30 minute lessons.
Can I have lessons in my home?
I used to offer lesson at the students home but the best place to learn is in my teaching area. I have keyboards to help with theory, all the equipment and spare guitars if needed. I also use the internet and have a high speed connection.
At what times do you offer lessons?
My lesson diary is generally open Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 20:00 and then 09:00 to 12:00 Saturdays. I prefer the last lesson of the day to finish at 20:00 because I generally find after a full day the student is too tired to learn and I'm not at my best to teach.
What equipment to I need for a lesson?
Guitar equipment can be very confusing to the uninitiated. I recommend that acoustic guitarists have an acoustic guitar, tuner and a capo and electric guitarist  an electric guitar, amp and capo. All guitarists should really have an electronic tuner. When I started there was no such thing as a digital tuner and tuning a guitar for a novice is at best extremely tricky. If the guitar is not in tune it will always sound awful. I offer free advice on buying equipment. I offer aguitar hire option for those who want to'try before they buy'. 
Should I learn acoustic or electric?
There is no straight answer to this and there are plus points which ever way you go. I am 'old school' on this one and would argue that if you can play an acoustic then moving to electric is easy, moving the other way is harder. Ultimately if your interest is in music which features acoustic guitars then learn acoustic and vice a versa. The student needs to be interested and enthused and it would be counter productive to make a young enthusiastic student learn an acoustic guitar when their interest is heavy metal.
Which guitar? Which amp? Which effects pedals?
There is a huge range of guitar equipment available and even accomplished players can't know all the brands and options available. From the start I offer free advice and by arrangement will accompany the student or parent to a local store to ensure everything is OK.